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Investigation of pyrazine:diacid co-crystal systems at high pressure

Abstract: Multicomponent materials have been a significant strand of structural chemistry since the notion of crystal engineering was first explored. The ability to alter the physicochemical properties of a material without changing the inherent chemical connectivity is an intriguing quality relevant to the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, energetics industries. This proposal explores the use of high pressure to probe the relative responses of the pyrazine:acid hydrogen bond in two structurally related co-crystals. This study is an extension of the work conducted at Diamond Light Source as these materials either undergo a reconstructive phase transition or cannot be made as a single crystal. The Pearl instrument will allow for data to be collected on these systems so that molecular level detail of their response to pressure can be elucidated and coupled with our observations from the Diamond study.

Principal Investigator: Dr Iain Oswald
Local Contact: Dr Craig Bull
Experimenter: Dr Martin Ward

DOI: 10.5286/ISIS.E.RB2010054

ISIS Experiment Number: RB2010054

Part DOI Instrument Public release date Download Link
10.5286/ISIS.E.RB2010054-1 PEARL 11 December 2023 Download

Publisher: STFC ISIS Neutron and Muon Source

Data format: RAW/Nexus
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