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Investigation title: Neutron Diffraction Residual Strain Measurements of Plasma Sprayed Solid Oxide Fuel Cells.

Release date: Tue Apr 03 09:00:00 BST 2018

Principal Investigator: Dr Nadimul Faisal
Experimenter: Mr Anil Prathuru
Experimenter: Dr Rehan Ahmed
Local Contact: Dr Shu Yan Zhang

DOI: 10.5286/ISIS.E.58451518

Date of Experiment: Tue Mar 31 09:00:00 BST 2015

Publisher: STFC ISIS Facility

Data format: RAW/Nexus
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Dr Nadimul Faisal et al; (2015): 1510238, STFC ISIS Facility, doi:10.5286/ISIS.E.58451518


Manufacturing of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) using thermal spray technology is one of the most economical and technologically advanced approaches for energy applications. High cooling rates during thermal spray deposition process however impart residual stress in the layered SOFC materials and hence influence the durability and efficiency of the cell. The characterisation of this residual train is therefore critical in optimising the materials and coating process parameters for future generation SOFC. Neutron diffraction due to its high beam penetration, unlike other measurement techniques, offers the opportunity to non-destructively measure the through thickness stress profile in the SOFC assembly. The objective of this proposal is to use neutron scattering (ENGIN-X) due to high flux and deep penetration to study residual strain in air plasma sprayed (APS) anode coatings used in SOFC.

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