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Investigation title: Polarized Neutron Reflectometry study of proximity effects in YBa2Cu3O7-d / LaMnO3+x superlattices.

Release date: Sat May 30 08:18:38 BST 2015

Creator: Dr Timothy Charlton
Creator: Professor Christian Bernhard
Creator: Mr Saikat Das
Creator: Dr Ivan Marozau
Creator: Dr Dillip Kumar Satapathy
Creator: Mr Miguel Angel Uribe Laverde

DOI: 10.5286/ISIS.E.24088554

Date of Experiment: Mon May 21 08:49:48 BST 2012

Publisher: STFC ISIS Facility

Data format: RAW/Nexus
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Dr Timothy Charlton et al; (2012): 1120098, STFC ISIS Facility, doi:10.5286/ISIS.E.24088554


To continue with our study on the interaction between superconducting (SC) and ferromagnetic (FM) order parameters we propose to study, by means of Polarized Neutron Reflectometry, the magnetic depth profile of YBa2Cu3O7 (YBCO) / LaMnO3+x (LMO) superlattices as a function of temperature. Since the oxygen content of LMO can stabilize FM metallic and FM insulating phases, we plan to study the possible occurrence of a superconductivity induced change in the magnetic profile inside the LMO layers, as has been observed for us previously in YBCO/La2/3Ca1/3MnO3 superlattices, and determine how this effect is affected by the transport properties of the FM layers. In additon, we plan to study the correlation between the transport properties of the ferromagnetic layer and the existence of a region next to the interface with suppressed ferromagnetic order.

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