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Investigation title: Kinetic Study of the Mechanistic Complexation Process Between DNA and Cationic Polymers.

Release date: Fri Oct 10 19:00:09 BST 2014

Creator: Professor Jian Lu
Creator: Dr Sarah Rogers
Creator: Dr Xiubo (Jon) Zhao
Creator: Ms Amy Freund
Creator: Mr Faheem Padia

DOI: 10.5286/ISIS.E.24086361

Date of Experiment: Fri Jul 29 09:54:26 BST 2011

Publisher: STFC ISIS Facility

Data format: RAW/Nexus
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Professor Jian Lu et al; (2011): 1010178, STFC ISIS Facility, doi:10.5286/ISIS.E.24086361


We propose to use the new SANS2d to study the dynamic structural evolution in the couse of the formation of DNA-cationic polymer complexes. The dynamic process and the mixing will be supported by using an online stopped-flow system. As this is the first time this type of experiment is tried, a substantial part of effort will be devoted to experimental setup and optimisation of the working conditions. The work will be essnetial for us to identify the contributing roles of structure and charge of the complexes on cell transfection efficiency

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